Initialize Your Login

Follow these steps to get your account setup. You only have to do this once so if you can already use your account, you can ignore these instructions.

** Note: If you can't get logged in, you must have your homeroom teacher or Mr. Brash reset your Google password. Do this before the deadline for grad write-ups!

Step 1 -  Log out of any mail accounts (hotmail, gmail, facebook).

Step 2
- Your username should be (for example
- If you have never initialized this account, your password is either your student number with "s" at the start (for example s123456) or it is Welcome2FL where F is your first initial and L is your last initial.
- Click Here to Begin (if you are taken back to the write-ups page, your login is already initialized).

Step 3
    - You may have to scroll to the very bottom and click I accept. Continue to my account.
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